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POw-MIA Freedom Car

Our mission is to promote and increase public awareness of the POW*MIA issue. To educate future generations of what POW*MIA means… Plus, to remind our fellow Americans the greatest tragedy of all is to be forgotten, and honor those that gave so much!


Prisoner of War, Missing in Action; refers to any soldier that is taken prisoner by the opposing side, during an active action of war. It is not known whether the soldier is alive or dead, only that they are missing.


To use the world’s largest spectator sport of over 75 million race fans to help promote awareness of the POW-MIA issue. Through the use of racing mediums we aspire to become the single, largest program in the country to keep the POW-MIA issue in the forefront of our fellow Americans. To help connect the past, present and future Veterans and keep them from being left behind, should they become POW-MIA. 

Team Johnson Motorsports

Our race team is located in Mooresville, NC otherwise known as Race City, USA. More than 80% of the NASCAR race teams are located in this area. Our shop houses the #76 POW*MIA Freedom Cars. All of our merchandising and Show Car programs are also run out of the race shop.

From Jerick:

“I thank you all for serving our great Country and your support of our team and this great American pasttime! See you at the track!”


2020 POW-MIA/MyComputerCareer Race Schedule